Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Ye who own the faith of Jesus- Sing the wonders that were done,
When the love of God the Father o’er our sins the victory won.
When He made the Virgin Mary, Mother of His Only Son,
Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary, full of grace!

Blessed were the chosen people out of whom the Lord did come;
Blessed was the land of promise, fashioned for His earthly home;
But more blessed far the Mother, she who bare him in her womb!
Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary, full of grace!

Wherefore let all faithful people tell the honour of her name,
Let the church in her foreshadowed, part in her thanksgiving claim;
What great Gabriel sang in gladness, let Christ’s people sing the same-
Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary, full of grace!

Let us weave our supplications, she with us and we with her;
for the advancement of the faithful, for each faithful worshipper.
For the doubting, for the sinful, for each heedless wanderer-
Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary FULL OF GRACE!

Let us fly to the Blessed Mother, Mary Most Holy, in all our troubles, tribulations and trepidations. She is Our Lady and Our Mother. She has a relationship to God that no other creature has- she is Daughter of the Father, Mother of the Redeeming Son and she is the Spouse of the Holy Ghost, Three in One! No other person, even Eve, has this relationship to Almighty God.

When the Archangel Gabriel prostrated himself before the Maid of Nazareth he said, “Hail Mary, thou full of grace! Thou hast found favour with God…” The Greek translation of the word full, (kekaritohmene) means, you in whom there is nothing but grace!

In holy scripture her role as intercessor with her Divine Son was prophesied by the prophet Simeon, with St. Anna, in the temple during the Presentation when he said: “Behold, thine own soul a sword shall pierce, that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed!” Again, throughout scripture we are told, “Mary kept in mind all these things, pondering them in her heart…” How can the thoughts of many hearts be revealed if there is not an exposition of and a devotion to the Heart of Mary?

We call her heart Immaculate because she was conceived without original sin in the womb of her mother St. Ann, not by her merits, but by those of Christ upon the Cross of Calvary, in her foreshadowed, because God is the Lord of Time and reaches through the veil of our existence for His good pleasure.

O, Good Christian Friend, be not ashamed of the Most Blessed Mother! Love her, cherish her in your heart and pray to her as Mother of the King, and the Lord of Glory will grant you any grace you ask!

Do you need purity? Mary Most Pure will grant you, from the Sacred Heart of Jesus, wherein are contained all riches and honor, the chastity you need.

Do you need strength? Mary, Virgin Most Powerful, will strengthen you with graces from the Storehouse of all Fortitude- the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Do you need faith or hope or charity? Do you need forgiveness of sin weighing on your troubled soul? Do you need joy because of a difficult and unsettled life? The Queen of Peace, who intimately knows the Prince and King of Peace, Jesus, Crucified and Risen, will gladly take you to His Most Loving Heart and pray for your faithfulness to His will and ways.

Whatever you need; whatever you lack- Your Mother is calling to you this day, while there is still time, “I am the Mother of Fair Love and of Holy Fear; of knowledge and of holy hope. Blessed is he who finds me, for he who finds me finds life and wins favour from the Lord.”

It is God’s Will that the Mother of His Son be honored. When we love her we give glory to Jesus and all that is good is ours for the asking. Blessed be God. Blessed be His Holy Name. Blessed be the Name of Jesus, and blessed be His dear and glorious Mother.


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