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Saint Valentine, Martyr

Saint Valentine lived at the time of the early church in Rome and is listed in the official martyrology of Holy Mother Church.  He is the patron of romantic love, which is a holy and beautiful gift of God for those to whom it is intended.  Saint Valentine gave his life for his One, True Love- Our Lord and Saviour… (more…)


Sixth Day of Novena to Saint Joseph- Feast of Sts. Nereus and Companions

Saint Joseph, most just, most chaste, most prudent, most valiant, most obedient and most faithful- pray for us. Saints Nereus and Achilleus were in the military of Rome when they were converted to Christ and threw down their weapons and literally ran to a new life as Catholics.  They, who once were part of the persecution of Christians, now were… (more…)


January 16, 1940

On this day in 1940 the great Pope Pius XII, in a radio broadcast from Vatican City told the entire world that the Nazis were committing atrocities against Catholics and the Jews in Poland.  This was one of many, many times the much maligned pontiff cried out against the Nazis.  He also, in this year and continuing even after the… (more…)


The Feast of Saint Cecilia

Today we celebrate the feast of the wonderful Saint Cecilia. She is the patroness of all musicians and singers. It is written that at her wedding as the musicians were playing, she sang in her heart to the Lord. She is one of the most famous Roman martyrs and she is one of the seven women, (excluding the Blessed Mother)… (more…)


An Observation On The Gospel According To Saint Luke

Have you ever wondered why the gospel of Luke was accepted so readily, when he wasn’t an apostle? The reason is he was a friend of the Blessed Mother. This is what many theologians and authorities on scripture believe and I believe it, as well. It is called the Marian gospel because there is so much detail on the nativity… (more…)

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