Advent 2020

Somehow we’ve made it to the almost end of a most imperfect year.  I have experienced much grief.  My dear sister, Rosemary Kennedy died and my heart if bereft in the natural sorrow of her leave-taking.  She was the finest person I ever met and she led me at a very young age to the Blessed Mother and it was the Blessed Mother who took me to her Son.  I was able to give my sweet sister the Sacrament of Extreme Unction on her birthday.  Holy Viaticum was hers, as well as the Plenary Indulgence at the Hour of Death.  She told me that it was the happiest birthday she ever had!  She was so holy that there was a palpable presence of the Holy Spirit when one was in her presence.  She suffered from one of the most horrible illnesses in God’s fallen world- Incipient Pulmonary Fibrosis.  She told me that the Good Lord told her she was carrying someone on her back up the Mountain of Faith and she would not know who it was until after her death.  She prayed always, every day the full Rosary, many chaplets, and of course went to Holy Mass daily.  Her last words were “Jesus, Mary I love you!” Also, she wore the Brown Scapular always and so earned the Sabbatine Privilege.  I am not worried about my sister!

I will let you know more about my dear sister as we progress with God’s help into the new year.  Just a quick thought on the meaning of Advent for us believers.  It begins the liturgical year.  This is important because God is telling us in this one fact the great truth that His time and our time and not necessarily the same!  For us the new year begins on January first.  Let us remember that Holy Mother Church wants us to be on God’s timetable while we sojourn through this Vale of Tears!  God’s events, or you can say ENLIGHTENMENT happen on God’s schedule and the closer we get to Him, the happier we will be.

Also remember that you are in our daily prayers and at the altar.  This Christmas Midnight Holy Mass will offered for all of our benefactors.  Remember that Our Lady told St. Dominic and many other saints and seers that more souls are released from Purgatory on Christmas than at any other time of year!  Thank you for your prayers and offerings.  Know that each week this blog will be updated and I have many wonderful stories of faith and miracles to share with you.  O COME, O COME EMMANUEL AND RANSOM CAPTIVE ISRAEL!



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