Monthly Archives: February 2015

An Affirmation of Protection

The Light of God surrounds me The Love of God enfolds me The Power of God protects me The Presence of God watches over me The Angels of God guide me The Saints of God befriend me The Church of God teaches me The Sacraments of God nourish me The Word of God inspires me The Spirit of God enlightens… (more…)


Coptic Martyrs

The Coptic Pope has quickly moved to canonize the 21 Martyrs of the Coptic Faith who were tortured and murdered by radical Islam.  This is in stark contrast to Francis, who has done nothing about the Roman Catholic Martyrs, mostly teenagers, who were crucified because they refused to deny Jesus Christ, Our Lord, King and Saviour.  “When the shepherd is… (more…)


We Are Dust

“Remember, Man, that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return.”  With this simple but profound statement, Holy Mother Church reminds her children that this earthly life is not our goal.  We are destined for eternity and how we will spend it is the most momentous of subjects. This LENT, this “Losing Every Negative Thought,” let us offer our… (more…)


Lesley Gore, Requiescat In Pace

God have mercy on the music makers, the artists, the poets, the creative among mankind; on those who take the gifts given and return them with increase, that inspire and make better the lives of others.  


Saint Valentine, Martyr

Saint Valentine lived at the time of the early church in Rome and is listed in the official martyrology of Holy Mother Church.  He is the patron of romantic love, which is a holy and beautiful gift of God for those to whom it is intended.  Saint Valentine gave his life for his One, True Love- Our Lord and Saviour… (more…)


What Will Happen In 2015?

What will this year hold for us?  We know that God foresees everything before it happens.  He is the Lord of Time and is it’s Master.  From before the foundation of the world He knew that you would be reading these words at this moment.  He wants to give you the strength to succeed in this life.  Our reason for… (more…)

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