Monthly Archives: April 2015

Grateful Easter

We are grateful that our numerous hacking attacks seem to be over.  We unite all of this suffering to the sacrifice of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ upon the cross of Calvary in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being offered this day and every day until the end of time. We pray for all the victims of torture… (more…)


Hacking and Breaching News

Dearly Beloved, This site and that of Catholics Against Torture: have been hacked into in the last few days.  Mischief was done and files raided.  We believe this was a spiritual attack.  We offer this sacrifice to God through the sufferings of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Many thank yous go to our webmaster, who is amazing in… (more…)


Holy Week Hacking

Dear Beloved In Christ, Our sites have been hacked into by only God knows who, therefore much of our images and messages have been lost.  Thank the good Lord for our webmaster who remedied the situation quickly.  We have reason to believe this could have been a form of persecution, especially coming during Holy Week.  Praise to Our Crucified Saviour!… (more…)

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