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Saint Valentine, Martyr

Saint Valentine lived at the time of the early church in Rome and is listed in the official martyrology of Holy Mother Church.  He is the patron of romantic love, which is a holy and beautiful gift of God for those to whom it is intended.  Saint Valentine gave his life for his One, True Love- Our Lord and Saviour… (more…)


A Comment On Current “Catholic” Education

It’s terrible and about as far from Catholic as you can get.  Is that provocative enough?!  I remember the wonderful Catholic education I was blessed to receive when I was young.  My dear, late Aunt Patty, (whom I believe to be a saint+) paid the tuition  for myself and my siblings to go to Catholic schools.  I never knew that… (more…)


Meditation on the Feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord

Illness precluded me from writing on January 1, and even though this is the third of the month I would like to share an important thought or two. The feast of the Circumcision of Our Blessed Lord usually takes place on January 1st. This is because Jewish boys were circumcised on the eighth day after their birth. This is still… (more…)



Dear Friends in Christ, As predicted by me after knowledge of the treachery of the remaining monks at Christ the King Abbey in Alabama I am so sad to report that the Abbey has been closed by the Fr. Sebastian and Fr. Michael who are the only monks left. After they threw out the remaining monks and closed the convent… (more…)

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