Be in peace or be in pieces! There are times in our lives when we are abandoned by those we most need; Our families, dear friends, even society. This is all part of what makes life life and we must come to terms with circumstance. We can try to change things and sometimes this works, but in the end we can only choose how we will respond to the cross. This is so very difficult at times, when one feels cast out even by the outcasts.

Sometimes when friends or family, (or our chosen family of friends) die or leave in anger, one can think that love was just a waste of time. Then God sends someone else or increases His presence through a signal grace and forgiveness and resignation to the Divine Will come welling up from the soul in a spasm of joy and we know the peace that comes with being Catholic.

I believe that God gives not only the peace that passes understanding, but He gives the understanding that brings peace. This is true in my life as I go through another cycle of loss and regeneration. May God give you all the grace you need for whatever is happening in your life. May He especially show His love to you through the Blessed Mother, she who gave the most important “YES” in history. Let us today say yes with her to God.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.


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