Feast of Our Holy Guardian Angels, 2014

Angels are real.  They are immortal beings and each person that has ever been or ever will be has a Guardian Angel.  This belief is Catholic doctrine and Our Blessed Lord Jesus Himself tells us in scripture:  “See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of My heavenly Father.”  Their role is to represent souls before Almighty God, to watch over them always, to aid their prayer and to present their souls to God at death.

The knowledge that we each have an Angel Guardian is a great comfort.  This aspect of Catholic piety teaches us that God protects us and those we love from dangers real or imagined.  Especially when we carry our crosses our Guardian Angels help us to receive the gifts of grace that God wants to bestow on us.  Devotion to these magnificent creatures (and indeed devotion to Our Blessed Mother Mary and the entire Communion of Saints) is the Will of God.  Saint Benedict and Saint Bernard of Clairvaux were great champions of the doctrine and we owe much to their inspired teaching.  The first feast in honor of our Guardian Angels was given to Holy Mother Church in 1615  by Pope Paul V.

O Guardian Angel, my helper from above-  O Guardian Angel, protect me with thy love!

O Angel Holy with wings so shiny bright; keep me, guide me always, to think and do what’s right.

O Guardian Angel, from heaven thou didst come.  O Guardian Angel, to God’s Love I’ll succumb!

O Wondrous Spirit, defend me all my days.  Lead me to Our Precious Lord, our Life, our Hope, our Way!

Please listen Angel and hearken to my prayer- when my life is ended, my soul is in thy care!  Then fly me to heaven, to meet Our Dearest Lord.  Then my friend we’ll sing again, His praise for evermore!- From a children’s hymn to Guardian Angels, composed in 1972.

One last suggestion… My dear sister has named her Guardian Angel.  This is a good practice and I recommend it.  Remember that we were made just a little below the angels and that God wants us to spend eternity with Him and all the angels and saints in heaven.  “Never turn away a stranger, for many have entertained angels unawares.”



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