The Feast of the Most Holy Rosary

The importance of the Holy Rosary cannot be overstated.  It is a wonderful, most powerful sacramental that brings about many miracles of the natural and supernatural.  It is nothing short of the Ladder to Heaven!

The Triune God through Our Blessed Mother Mary gave the Holy Rosary to Saint Dominic and Blessed Alan de la Roche in a singular privilege of Grace with the intention of having it grow throughout the world for all ages and peoples.

The word Rosary means ‘Crown of Roses’.  Each time we pray a Hail Mary with devotion and love we are giving Our Lady a Heavenly Rose.  Each Holy Rosary makes a Crown of Roses.  Because the rose is the queen of flowers so the Holy Rosary is the Queen of All Devotions.  No other prayer except the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is more pleasing to God.  You see, the prayers of a mother are the most powerful on earth and the Holy Rosary is the prayer of THE MOTHER!  She is Our Divine Mother who brings us to her Son Jesus Christ, Who alone is worthy of adoration and Who is the Saviour of the World.

When we pray the Holy Rosary we are close to Christ as the mysteries of His Life both on earth and in Heaven are contained in this magnificent prayer.  Praying the Holy Rosary sustains souls that are in areas of persecution.  An example of this is the good Irish people who suffered so greatly at the hands of Protestants during her captivity.  We also see the Hope of God being made manifest through this devotion in China, the Muslim countries and all parts of the world that are under persecution.

There is no more recognizable symbol of the Catholic Faith than the Holy Rosary.  It proclaims to the world that we are CATHOLIC FOREVER.  Just the seeing of the Holy Rosary in the hands of a person is a silent evangelization that shouts the Love of God to all that witness it.

There is no wonder that Satan hates the Holy Rosary and all who are devoted to the Most Blessed Mother of Christ.  During an exorcism that I know about, the exorcist demanded of the demons an answer to this question: “Is any soul that is truly devoted to the Blessed Mother of God lost?”  The demons answered: “NO!- but that doesn’t stop us from trying!”

In all of her true apparitions the Blessed Mother has begged her children to pray the Holy Rosary for peace in the world and in our lives and hearts.  She asks for no other prayer!  This is how important the Holy Rosary is to God and how necessary it is for our perseverance to the end of our days in Grace.

The Rosary has a special place- a hallowed, loving part.  Be not ashamed my Christian friend- it’s roots are in His Heart!

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us!



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