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Dear Friends In Christ,

It has come to my attention that the Abbey of Christ the King in Alabama is still allowing people to come to Holy Mass in the Abbey Church. It is the chapel that the Abbey has supported for more than twenty years that has been closed. This is very sad as the souls that have been served by the ministrations of the monks for these decades are now abandoned but then, millions have been abandoned by the power that took over Holy Mother Church! God have mercy on us all. Instead of proper change we were given a counterfeit and the Holy Patrimony of every Catholic has been sold for a mess of pottage and a glass of wine.

As ever, I ask for your prayers for everyone involved in this fiasco. May God have mercy on them. There are some unsettling facts about the coup at the Abbey that will need to be answered, some of them may even turn out to be criminal. It has come to my attention that the local Sheriff has been contacted and that the District Attorney will be receiving letters asking for an official investigation into the demise of the good Abbot. It is hoped that the people that loved Father Abbot and supported the Abbey all these years will stand up and demand to be counted and will not let this steamroller flatten them!

Among all the terrible things that have happened one of the most shameful is the fact that the good Abbot was not given his proper due in burial. In my opinion it is obvious that they couldn’t get rid of him quickly enough! We all know that prelates and believers from all over the world wanted to come and say goodbye to Father Abbot Leonard. They didn’t even give a week’s notice before they had the simple funeral. He was not accorded the full rites of Holy Mother Church in a Pontifical Requiem for an Abbot. He died late in the week and on Monday they had a simple rosary preceded by only ONE HALF HOUR OF VISITATION! So, the founder of the last Abbey in Christendom that followed the full rule of St. Benedict as the great saint wrote it and refused to mention the Antipope was not allowed to be mourned properly and was not given the right of the rite he deserved. Shameful. How I wish it were otherwise. Father Abbot had the dry martyrdom of not being allowed to die in the Abbey that he founded surrounded by the monks and nuns of his community. No, he was shipped to a hospital after breaking a bone while being cared for by the two that remained. Would this have happened if there had been more monks and nuns caring for him? Would this have happened if they had hired nurses to care for him there at the Abbey? Why was he not accorded the dignity of dying in his own Abbey? It is my opinion that he was asked by Almighty God to make this supreme sacrifice. I think he gave his YES to God every day of his life and that he accepted in his heart whatever God asked of him and this was the way God chose for him to die, alone and among strangers in a strange place. Surely the High Priest, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus came to him with His Holy Mother and great St. Benedict and St. Joseph whom Father Abbot loved so much. Yes, all the Angels and Saints were there in that hospital room to receive the final gift of Leonard Giardina to the Divine Majesty. Still, it was not right what happened to him at the end and he should not have been treated that way and it is forever to their shame that the man who was their spiritual father was treated thus by them at the end. Someone has to stand up for Father Abbot! Someone must yell that THIS WAS NOT RIGHT! and WHAT HAS HAPPENED AT THE ABBEY IS NOT RIGHT!

I have one last thing to say to those who would defend the actions of The Two. What are the fruits of their deeds? A closed convent, closed chapels and monks thrown out because they refused to accept and follow what their abbot abhorred. An Abbey left with but two monks who are in discussion with the Diocese. Inconvenient facts. Again, God have mercy! This is not what the Abbot wanted and though I loathe controversy there are times when one must speak up for those who can not speak for themselves. Thus, these missives of late. Let us commend all to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and ask Him, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, His Most Holy Mother to give His grace to everyone. If forgiveness is asked then it must be given with joy. May that happen and the monks and nuns return and the apostolate of the Abbey restored. Our God is an awesome God and He is the Worker of Miracles. May He grant one now.

As ever, you are in my prayers and remembered at the altar. Pray for me.


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