O St. Anthony, model of great holiness, help me to live as a true Catholic, faithful to the grace of God given me in Baptism and all the holy sacraments I have received.
You know how great are the dangers and difficulties that surround me; grant that I may overcome all the temptations to evil and sin that present themselves to me and have the strength to witness my faith courageously, to have a reason for the hope that lies within me.
Obtain for me a heart that is capable of loving God above all things, a heart that is ready to accept His holy will even when He asks of me sacrifice and renunciation.
Open my soul to a generous and sincere love towards all my brothers and sisters, in a manner that I not be closed within myself but be disposed to serve my neighbors; to console them who suffer and to help them who are in need.
Dear St. Anthony, I confide my intentions to you, who are enthroned in heaven with the saints and angels, with all who have walked the walk and live in the reward of Love, Light eternal. Amen.


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