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Epiphany 2014

I have always thought it worth noting the people who came to worship Our Lord.  First there were angels.  They told the world that He was born, but who did they tell?  They told shepherds.  Shepherds were considered little more than criminals.  They were unappreciated and extremely poor and thought to have deserved the lowly estate in which they lived… (more…)


The Feast of The Holy Innocents

The evil King Herod, called the great, was justifiably unpopular with his people because of his religious indifference and his consorting with the Romans.  He was thus insecure and fearful of his power.  He was a terrible tyrant and was extremely brutal.  He murdered his wife, his brother and his sister’s two husbands, among many others. He was “greatly troubled”… (more…)


King, Priest and Sacrifice

The Feast of the Epiphany is always special in my family as it is the anniversary of the death of my dear Aunt Patty, a very holy, kind and loving lady. She died a holy death because she lived a holy life. One of her many examples to us is that one dies as one lives. Her last words were… (more…)

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