We Who Are Disabled

Dear Friends,

I have heard from many of you who do not know that I am disabled, which is the reason for my lack of posts. For this I am sorry. When one is dealing with constant pain from many areas it is quite difficult to compose oneself enough to write.
In times like these one learns the great lesson of just being, just suffering through without any audible prayer. Giving everything; Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual attacks to the good Lord, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In this way, one is united to the suffering Christ and words become unnecessary. It is most illuminating. Breath itself becomes a prayer. The beating of the heart, in union with the Sacred Hearts, becomes all the prayer one needs, when it is all united to the Sacrifice of Christ upon the Cross and in the Mass.
All this has given me a much greater and personal appreciation and union with others who are suffering. In all of this I remember you at the altar and pray for all of you and your intentions. Pray the rosary and trust in God. Pray for me. I send you my blessing+

Fr. Jamie


EASTER, 2011

Resurrexit, sicut dixit! This most joyous day we celebrate that great truth which separates Christians from all others: The fact of the resurrection from the dead of Our Blessed Lord Jesus, the only Christ.

This one most magnificent and holy event in the history, (His story) of the world is what gives us hope and is the cause of our joy.

Our Blessed Saviour was either a lier, a madman or He is what He said He is, the Son of God and soon coming King. It’s as simple as that. One chooses to believe Him or deny Him.

The Holy Saturday Night is my favorite time as I think of the joy that the dear Blessed Mother (and all the apostles and disciples) would receive in the morning. I light a candle after the Liturgy of Good Friday in front of her statue and it is kept burning until Easter morning when the Light of the World made manifest His power and revealed Himself to His Holy Mother, the Magdalen and then the others. I get up in the middle of the night to keep vigil with her, for certainly she of all people knew that there was a great event coming, that Calvary was not the end. Did she not “…keep in mind all these things; Pondering them in her heart?” We do not know completely but it is my personal belief that she suspected something wonderful.

It is quite revealing that at the foot of the Cross women outnumbered men by four to one! Let us remember that it is the women who step forward when the going gets rough and it is the men who keep THEM company! Yes, thank the good Lord for fine and courageous men but it is the women who endure and go where men fear to tread. My dear sister Rosemary told me that if it were up to men to bear the children the human race would have died out long ago! God knew what He was doing and it is the women I most admire.

As you worship the New Adam, the Author and Finisher of our salvation, the one mediator between God and man, remember the New Eve, Our Blessed Mother Mary, who was given to us as our Mother from the Cross by Our Lord Himself. “Ave Maria; Eva’s name reversing!” It was she who said yes to God so that her creator could be made flesh. Her yes allows us the opportunity to choose Him. May we not let her down. A happy, joyous and blessed Easter Sunday and season to all! You are remembered at the altar. Bless you+

Fr. Jamie


Holy Thursday, 2011

Whom God would choose, He marks to be His own. He shares him not; Who chooses God must stand apart, alone: this is his lot. O, not for him the fellowship of men, he knows it not. His only love must be his Lord and God: this is his lot. A man so chosen by His God deserves it not; But God will flood his soul with LOVE- O, joyous lot!

These words were penned by my dear, departed Aunt Patty and given to me on the day of my ordination more than twenty years ago. They will always be true for me and every priest. Today is the feast day of all priests as we remember how Our Blessed Lord instituted the Eucharist and ordained His first bishops to carry on until He returns on the clouds of glory.

In an unbroken stream going back to that night in the upper room, all priests can say that they have been chosen, unworthily, (of course!) but still chosen and ordained by the laying on of hands back to Our Blessed Lord Himself. We are ordained not to ourselves but for others. Whether the priest is active in ministry or wracked on a bed of pain and offering his sufferings in union with Christ, his very life is meant to be a sacrifice for others, for those dear and good souls that need the sacraments and for, in a special way all those who would hate us and deride us! For forgiveness and love is the hallmark of a true Christian.

To this end I have resolved to never criticize or condemn another or to defend myself in any way against any attack. I leave all my defense to Jesus, Who chose to keep silent in the face of lies and treachery and asked only blessing and forgiveness for those who hurt him. Can we do anything less?

Tonight and this weekend all of you are remembered at the altar and I will beg God to bless and help in every way all who have asked me for prayers and all who have hurt me and all who have no one to pray for them. Remember that God really loves you and that He knows what He is about. If you are about Him, all will be well, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Such is the mystery of being a believer.

This most holy night I ask all of you to remember something that is rarely talked about: The fact that not only was Our Lord betrayed but He was also a prisoner. Think of Him alone in his cell, awaiting the crucifixion the next day. Pray for all prisoners, especially those that are suffering for the Faith and for all the innocent that are confined. Pray for their families, as Our Blessed Mother was the Mother of The Prisoner of all time! The Prisoner who made Himself the Prisoner of Love in the Blessed Sacrament where He subjects Himself to men through the centuries, till He come again. What love is this, that brought the King of Bliss to suffer at our hands that we not miss…?

Bless you all!

Fr. Jamie



This prayer to the magnificent Infant of Prague is to be said on the hour for nine hours, (just one day.) The good Lord will grant your petition or give you the grace to bear whatever cross you are being asked to carry to your own Calvary. Without the cross there is no crown. Without a crown of thorns there is no crown of glory. If there is no Good Friday there is no Easter Sunday.

“O Jesus, Who has said, “Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened to you, through the intercession of Mary, Thy Most Holy Mother, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted. (Make your request.)

O, Jesus, Who hast said, all that you ask of the Father in My Name, He will grant you through the intercession of Mary, Thy Most Holy Mother, I humbly and urgently ask Thy Father in Thy Name that my prayer be granted. (Make your request.)

O, Jesus, Who hast said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away but My Word shall not pass,” through the intercession of Mary, Thy Most Holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted. (Make your request.”

This is a most difficult time for many. Pray for all those who are in trouble of any kind and trust that God is Love and knows what you are going through and is ready to grant the grace you need but we must ask. “You do not have because you do not ask.” Do not be afraid to ask for what you need. Boldly go to the Throne of Grace! You are all remembered in my prayers at the altar. I give thanks to God for fifty five years on the planet today and especially am I thankful for my family and friends. Bless you all. As we enter the holiest time of the year I hold you all in my heart and ask God for whatever miracle you need. Trust, pray, work and offer all up in union with the sacrifice of Christ upon the Cross of Calvary and every prayer will have His merit.


ASH WEDNESDAY, 2011 Abbey Update

Dear Friends in Christ,

“Remember Man that thou art dust; And unto dust thou shalt return!” With these words is the traditional Catholic signed with ashes today, the beginning of Lent. (I have no idea what they now say in the Newchurch.) This simple ceremony is a powerful reminder of the Last Four Things: Death, Judgement, Heaven & Hell. These are the things that should ever be in our minds for at any moment we could, (and will!) be called before the Judgement Seat of Christ.

Where I live in Los Angeles a billboard went up recently that proclaims that Judgement Day is Approaching, May 21, 2011 Pray mightily unto God for His Mercy! It was put there by Harold Camping and his followers. He is one of the Protestant Fundamentalist Date Setters. He has made this pronouncement before for other dates but what gets me are the millions that he gets from good souls all over the country who believe him. What will happen on May 22nd. when the “rapture” ruptures in a spasm of reality that their interpretation of the Word of God is flawed? Sad and tragic for the Cause of Christ and for these souls that do not realize that the real judgement day is coming for all of us- the day of our death! This is the judgement day that we should be concerned about and which Holy Mother Church urges all her children to prepare for with every moment of their lives.

Lent is losing every negative thought in Christ. Renewing our thoughts and lives through prayer, sacrament and the Word of God. May you use this time wisely and pray for others. Sacrifice something on a daily basis and don’t tell anyone what you are giving up! Make a lenten discipline of special prayer, as well and you will be better for it come Easter. For if there is no cross in your life there will be no glory. If there is no crown of thorns there will be no halo of light. If there is no Good Friday there will be no Easter Sunday. Unite all your prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this and every day to the merits of Christ upon the Cross of Calvary, asking Him to forgive you your sins and save us all from the fires of Hell and to save your soul and those whom you love and all with whom you come in contact. Do this simple thing and much good will come to you and others.

In regards to the Abbey of Christ the King in Alabama… As I predicted in this blog some time ago the Abbey has been closed by those who staged the Coup. In fact, I am told that no announcement was made from the pulpit, only a printed announcement on the back of the bulletin. A poor woman who did not read the announcement was doing the Stations of the Cross after the Mass and they called the cops on her!!! Can you believe that?! I can. I predicted these things. They are a real piece of work and need much prayer to save their souls after what they have done. I am sure that they will either sell the Abbey and grounds or turn in over to the Newchurch for a tidy profit. Wait and watch! Watch! Watch! Watch! “He is holding all of this to that final Day.” I am asking for the things I donated to the Abbey to be returned to me. I have gone to my attorney as I have proof that I donated them with the stipulation that if the Abbey was ever closed that they be returned to me. I urge all of the Faithful to demand that their donations be returned, as well as they are now in the hands of infidels. This is all so sad and one can not help but wonder if these Judas priests were planted or made. Only God knows. May He bless the dear Faithful of Alabama as they fight to retain in some way this bastion of kindness and gently Catholic culture that was founded by the late, great Father Abbot Leonard of fond memory. Pray for all involved and pray for me! I remember all of you at the altar of the Lord.


Dogs and Cats and Unseen Things

Dear Friends in Christ,

Something that has intrigued me for quite some time is the possibility that our pets, our little, furry friends (and all animals, for that matter) have the capability of seeing the Unseen. This was brought more to my attention recently when I had a discussion with my best friend about what happens when he walks his dogs. Just before they set out he says a little prayer with them. I know, I know it sounds too cutesy for words but there is a reason for it. He has a dog that seems to be part bulldog and part something else, a real mutt. Anyway, this dog loves to tear after other dogs or animals that it sees and so he must keep her on a tight leash. As he is recovering from some serious medical conditions he doesn’t have the strength that he used to and he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to control the animal. He was quite worried about it until he started to pray to the Holy Angels before they left the house. As he started to do this silently he noticed that the dogs got very quiet and started to look up at a corner of the room. Each time he did this, in different areas and at different times the dogs got quiet and stared in a direction that had nothing there. He told me that his dear, departed mother would do the same thing and he believes that the animals, being closer to God because they are not sinners that they are able to see Angels and other things in the Unseen Realm. After thinking it over and studying other similar cases and realizing that this is a matter that Holy Mother Church really leaves up to us, (as long as we are not dogmatic about it!) I think he is right.

Anyone who loves an animal companion knows of what I speak. I believe that they are close to God and that they are innocent, though subject to nature which has been contaminated by the effects of sinful man and that they can see things that we can not. I have heard of many quite interesting stories from pet owners in this regard and find them faith building. There is so much around us that we do not see, that we refuse to see! Young children are also capable of seeing the Unseen. This I have no doubt about. Though children do manipulate and lie at times, (they come from us, do they not?!) they are also much more innocent than we and they are much, much closer to God. Did not Our Saviour say not to scandalize them for “Their Angels see the Father!” How marvelous. I wonder at what age it was that my Holy Guardian Angel became unable to behold the Face of God. Think about it yourself. What age did your Holy Guardian have to turn his/her face because of the sins that you committed? We are, none of us grown ups free from guilt in this manner. We are in a continual quest to get back to that innocence of youth; To that time when our Angel Guardians could behold the Face of God! As a race we are to be striving ever to return to the innocence of the Garden through the sacrifice of the Saviour upon the Cross of Calvary, Who will, through His suffering and death bring death to sin and restore all creatures and creation to its primordial beauty. A new heavens and a new earth await. May we be made worthy to partake of this magnificent future that God wants to give us, that He will give to those who love Him. Eye has not seen, not ear heard, nor has it ever entered the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him. How wonderful to know that in the midst of our sinful lives and in this Vale of Tears there are still creatures that can see the Unseen. Let us not stop in preparing and in running the good race for at any time we may be made accountable. He is a God of mercy. He is Mercy Itself. Let us not forget how He loves us. May the God of dogs and cats and little children bring you and me to that place of innocence where we too can once again see the Angels on the ceiling!


New Information

Dear Friends In Christ,

It has come to my attention that the Abbey of Christ the King in Alabama is still allowing people to come to Holy Mass in the Abbey Church. It is the chapel that the Abbey has supported for more than twenty years that has been closed. This is very sad as the souls that have been served by the ministrations of the monks for these decades are now abandoned but then, millions have been abandoned by the power that took over Holy Mother Church! God have mercy on us all. Instead of proper change we were given a counterfeit and the Holy Patrimony of every Catholic has been sold for a mess of pottage and a glass of wine.

As ever, I ask for your prayers for everyone involved in this fiasco. May God have mercy on them. There are some unsettling facts about the coup at the Abbey that will need to be answered, some of them may even turn out to be criminal. It has come to my attention that the local Sheriff has been contacted and that the District Attorney will be receiving letters asking for an official investigation into the demise of the good Abbot. It is hoped that the people that loved Father Abbot and supported the Abbey all these years will stand up and demand to be counted and will not let this steamroller flatten them!

Among all the terrible things that have happened one of the most shameful is the fact that the good Abbot was not given his proper due in burial. In my opinion it is obvious that they couldn’t get rid of him quickly enough! We all know that prelates and believers from all over the world wanted to come and say goodbye to Father Abbot Leonard. They didn’t even give a week’s notice before they had the simple funeral. He was not accorded the full rites of Holy Mother Church in a Pontifical Requiem for an Abbot. He died late in the week and on Monday they had a simple rosary preceded by only ONE HALF HOUR OF VISITATION! So, the founder of the last Abbey in Christendom that followed the full rule of St. Benedict as the great saint wrote it and refused to mention the Antipope was not allowed to be mourned properly and was not given the right of the rite he deserved. Shameful. How I wish it were otherwise. Father Abbot had the dry martyrdom of not being allowed to die in the Abbey that he founded surrounded by the monks and nuns of his community. No, he was shipped to a hospital after breaking a bone while being cared for by the two that remained. Would this have happened if there had been more monks and nuns caring for him? Would this have happened if they had hired nurses to care for him there at the Abbey? Why was he not accorded the dignity of dying in his own Abbey? It is my opinion that he was asked by Almighty God to make this supreme sacrifice. I think he gave his YES to God every day of his life and that he accepted in his heart whatever God asked of him and this was the way God chose for him to die, alone and among strangers in a strange place. Surely the High Priest, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus came to him with His Holy Mother and great St. Benedict and St. Joseph whom Father Abbot loved so much. Yes, all the Angels and Saints were there in that hospital room to receive the final gift of Leonard Giardina to the Divine Majesty. Still, it was not right what happened to him at the end and he should not have been treated that way and it is forever to their shame that the man who was their spiritual father was treated thus by them at the end. Someone has to stand up for Father Abbot! Someone must yell that THIS WAS NOT RIGHT! and WHAT HAS HAPPENED AT THE ABBEY IS NOT RIGHT!

I have one last thing to say to those who would defend the actions of The Two. What are the fruits of their deeds? A closed convent, closed chapels and monks thrown out because they refused to accept and follow what their abbot abhorred. An Abbey left with but two monks who are in discussion with the Diocese. Inconvenient facts. Again, God have mercy! This is not what the Abbot wanted and though I loathe controversy there are times when one must speak up for those who can not speak for themselves. Thus, these missives of late. Let us commend all to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and ask Him, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, His Most Holy Mother to give His grace to everyone. If forgiveness is asked then it must be given with joy. May that happen and the monks and nuns return and the apostolate of the Abbey restored. Our God is an awesome God and He is the Worker of Miracles. May He grant one now.

As ever, you are in my prayers and remembered at the altar. Pray for me.



Dear Friends in Christ,

As predicted by me after knowledge of the treachery of the remaining monks at Christ the King Abbey in Alabama I am so sad to report that the Abbey has been closed by the Fr. Sebastian and Fr. Michael who are the only monks left. After they threw out the remaining monks and closed the convent they have now seen fit to stop all visits and no one is allowed to come to Mass. Of course, whether or not they themselves are offering Holy Mass no one but they know. So, the only Benedictine monastery left in the world that practiced the unadulterated Catholic Faith, that did not bow to the Newchurch, that was founded specifically by a holy monk in an unbroken line of succession back to St. Benedict himself has been closed and no one is even allowed to visit the Blessed Sacrament!

Who knows what will happen to the buildings, the land and the bank accounts? One should look no further than the Newchurch, (as opposed to the True Church, which has gone underground). I am sure that the next few months will be revelatory. There are only two ways it can go:
1. It is sold and closed for good or
2. It is turned over to the Newchurch to be used as a retreat center or something of the kind.

I rather think it will be closed as there is no way that two men can run the entire place. I hope that the more than twenty thousand people on the Abbey’s mailing list will stop sending in their hard earned dollars! Also, I hope that anyone who ever donated holy objects such as relics or rare books or statues, etc… will demand them back! This writer gave the Abbot a personal gift of a magnificent Missale Romanum printed in France and used at the High Altar in Notre Dame. I want it back. I dread to see it and the many, many magnificent treasures that good souls have donated over the years be lost to the Newchurch or to anyone that mentions Ratzinger in the canon. Of course, the vast majority of people won’t do anything. They blindly follow along to the edge of the cliff and jump off, holding hands and singing Kumbaya to their out of tune guitars! Excuse me while I weep. Meanwhile, everyone keep praying for all involved. Father forgive them for they know exactely what they are doing!

You are all, always in my prayers and remembered at the altar. Please pray for me. God love you!



Dear Friends in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Our good friend The Rt. Rev. Father Abbot Leonard Giardina, O.S.B., founder of the Abbey of Christ the King in Cullman, Alabama is being called Home to be with God as I write this missive. He has been ill for a while as you all know and has suffered a stroke, (maybe a series of small strokes, as is common with his condition and at his age) and is now in the Cullman Regional Hospital. I am asking all of you to pray for him as he leaves the planet. We believe in the Communion of Saints and I know that prayer is powerful and that it will help him as he prepares to meet the good Lord Whom he loves so much and for Whom he fought with all his strength and talent.

It is my belief that the terrible treachery that befell him at the end from those that should have been his staunchest allies and friends, his very Benedictine Family of monks, this could very well be the cause of his dry martyrdom and could also have led to his earthly end by causing such stress and sadness. I do not know. God knows and it is God to Whom we must all answer.

I am so very grateful for the great witness to Divine Love that was the work of Father Abbot and I consider him my Father in the Faith and will miss him terribly. His passing will be a great blow to the True Faith both in the country and all over the world. He never faltered in his Love for God and the Catholic Faith and left all that was familiar and safe to follow the footsteps of the Lord Jesus, which are bloody footsteps! He could not abide the tearing down of the Holy in the aftermath of the False Council and made a place that is holy indeed and has been a refuge for thousands over the years.

Now that Satan has shifted the monks of the Abbey like wheat no one knows what will happen to this magnificent place. It is reported that the two monks who are left, the ones who threw everybody else out and who waited to do this when Father Abbot was too ill to vote or even have a say, are in discussion with the Newchurch that Father Abbot loathed! Will they turn over the property and bank accounts to the local diocese, of which Father Abbot wanted no part? Will they allow the barbarians inside the Gates of the Holy City? Time will tell. What is terrible is that instead of having his beloved monks and nuns around his bed praying for him as he died, which every holy abbot should have and that includes Abbot Leonard!, he is dying in a cold hospital which precludes the countless visitors that would be filling the Abbey Church and offering their prayers in union with his final agony!

God has asked much of this good monk. God has asked him to die with strangers and outside the monastery which he founded; Away from those whom he loved and thought loved him! Like Our Blessed Lord and Saviour the Chosen have abandoned him and he is left with those who officially have accepted the architects of the False Council. Who could have thought of this turn of events? Only God and it is to God that Father Abbot goes.

The last time I was privileged to visit the Abbey the good Abbot told me personally that: “They think I’m crazy! All I talk about is the Love of God. That is all that is important and all that I stress now and they think I don’t know what’s important. They are preparing something and I fear the worst. What matters is that we are right with God and that we are prepared to meet Him when He calls. That final day is what you should be ready for! Never stop loving God and never forget you are a priest!” I will never forget and I will also never forget the wonderful apostolate of this great man who is dying after having been betrayed. To God all hearts are open; All desires known and from Him no secrets are hid! God knows and God will have mercy on him. He is leaving this life a hero of the Faith. He is leaving this life as a faithful Benedictine monk and nothing anyone now does can rob him of the reward Almighty God has prepared for those who love Him. Onwards and upwards, dear Father Abbot! Go to God in the Heart of Mary Immaculate and leave this Vale of Tears! What beauty awaits you! What joy! What Love!



Golda Meier once said,”Don’t be so humble- you’re not that great!” I love this saying because it is so true. In Heaven there are all sorts of saints. There are saints who were bold on earth and saints who were timid. Saints who were eloquent and saints who were tongue tied stammerers; Saints who were rich and saints who were poor. All kinds, shapes, sizes and many different charisms of saints but there was one thing that all of them had in common: They were all humble. No matter what lane on the One Path they followed they all were humble.

Our Blessed Saviour showed us all the way in humility from the very beginning by the circumstances surrounding and about His birth in the stable in Bethlehem, (which is Hebrew for House of Bread!) His dearest Mother was most humble and great Saint Joseph also showed the way of humility. Can you just imagine how much he wanted his beloved spouse and the Son of God to be born in better circumstances? I often think of this and how he must have wanted for something better but he did what God asked of him through the dreams that God sent him and through the ministry of the Angel of the Lord. Saint Joseph believed his dreams! Enough so to take his family into exile in Egypt! Amazing. What a wonderful example of obedience. He obeyed not only the Divine Authority but the civil authority as well and trusted God to make it all right. And God did make it all right. Good Saint Joseph had the Blessed Mother and the King of Kings at his deathbed. What a reward for a life of obedience and humility.

Our Blessed Mother also was raised to the highest that it is possible to have been raised, she who practiced humility from the beginning. She, the Queen of Humility bearing the King of Humility in the most humble of circumstance. All of this by way of example to us all.

Jesus Our Lord and King calls us to practice humility, as well. To practice that which is our own particular daily duty and thereby to become the saint that He wants to reward forever in Heaven.

There is one thing your sinful servant has learned in his life that I would like to pass on to you. God is so gracious and kind that though he wants us to be humble in order to more align ourselves to the graces He wishes to bestow upon us, He will grant this precious gift of humility without ever humiliating us! I used to think that humiliation was a necessary component of becoming humble. Yes and no. God may allow it if it will benefit us in the long run but it is not a forgone conclusion. The secret is knowing what humility really is. It is merely knowing and accepting the reality of who we are. Nothing. We are nothing without Christ. We can not attain anything worthwhile without Him and we can never hope to be with Him forever if we do not accept this simple but profound truth. With Christ we can do all things! With Christ we are powerful beings. With Christ we are friends of the Blessed Mother, the Holy Angels and all the Saints. Without Christ we are dung, to put it mildly, because dung has an actual good quality, it fertilizes the soil. Without Christ we are not even good fertilizer!

Remember that God loves you with an everlasting love. Love that melts the snows. Love that never wants us to be hurt but that wants to lift us up to the heights but to be like Him we must accept who we are without Him, accept the free grace He offers to become like Him and then accept whatever He sends us in order to accomplish that one, all important goal of this earthly life.

Think on the humility of Our Lord’s birth this year. Think on the humility of the Holy Family and the great strength it took to be obedient to the Word of God. Remember to love all and not to gossip. Pray for your enemies and strive to love those who are unloveable. Do the best you can to be willing to be willing and God will bless you beyond measure; Pressed down, shaken together and running over as scripture tells us. Pray for me and know I pray for all of you. I especially appreciate all the messages you send and above all the prayers you offer for me! Thank you with all my heart. As always, I send my priestly blessing to each of you and all those you love. Benedicat Vos, Omnipotens Deus+

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